Primary Elections 2018 – Boulder County Gears Up for June 26


June 26th at 7pm is the deadline for voters to return primary ballots. Mircalla Wozniak with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorders office gave KGNU a tour of their facility where votes will be counted and ballots will be tracked.

Boulder County offers several services for voters including Ballot Track, a free service, which allows voters to receive notifications by email, text message or phone call, when their ballot has been received and accepted and whether there is a problem, like signature discrepancy, with the ballot.

Important Election Reminders:

–   Voter Service Centers are open until 7pm on Tuesday June 26th.

–   It is too late to mail your ballot, drop it off at a voter service center or ballot drop off location.

–   Unaffiliated voters can only vote and return one ballot.

–   All ballot envelopes must be signed.

Listen to the full report here: