Hickenlooper Faces Backlash over Vetoes

Governor John Hickenlooper is being criticized for nine bills he vetoed this year. As Bente Birkeland reports, that’s the most vetoes he’s issued since taking office.


Marijuana advocates are upset that he vetoed a bill to allow some dispensaries to set up tasting rooms, another measure to let public companies to invest in marijuana businesses, and a proposal to let medical marijuana be used as a treatment for children on the autism spectrum. Before he issued the autism veto he said making it law could send the wrong message.

If we sign that bill we end up without question in some way encouraging more young people to look at this as an anecdote for their problems.

Hickenlooper added that using medical marijuana for autism needs more research.  Marijuana advocates say they are disappointed and frustrated that the Governor seemed to ignore all the hard work and concessions that went into passing these bipartisan bills.