Capitol Coverage: Hickenlooper Vetoes five bills.

Governor John Hickenlooper has vetoed five bills in the last two business days, on everything from marijuana consumption to tobacco prices to open records for autopsies. Our statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland has more.


The Governor called a proposal to restrict conflicts of interest on the sex offender management board overly broad and redundant.

He says a bill that would have allowed dispensaries to apply for a tasting room license violates the constitution and amendment 64 – because quote marijuana consumption may not be conducted ‘openly’ or ‘publicly’ in a manner that endangers others.

Hickenlooper also vetoed a bill that would have banned the public from from viewing autopsy reports on the deaths of minors.

He said an informed public has societal benefits for all at-risk children, present and future.

This is the last week for Hickenlooper to either sign, veto or let bills become law without his signature.