Activists Interrupt Lafayette City Council to Demand Ban on Fracking


Officials in Lafayette abruptly adjourned the city Council meeting on Tuesday night when anti-fracking activists staged a protest.  The council was about to consider revamping the city’s oil and gas rules, and before the protest the council heard about an hour of comments from the public, including residents and members of the group East Boulder County United who reprimanded the council for considering regulations they consider to be contrary to the city’s existing Climate Bill of Rights that effectively bans any new drilling.   

After the city attorney started to address the council, protestors started chanting and shouting, saying, “no drills no pipelines.”  The council chambers rapidly  turned into a rally with dozens of protestors remaining after city leaders left the building. Presently it is not clear when the city council will bring the proposal back but could do so next month.

KGNU’s Brian Litwin spoke with several people in attendance including members of East Boulder County United and Together Against Neighborhood Drilling.



Listen to the interviews and chanting and singing here: