The Future of Corporate Controlled Journalism


With recent layoffs at the Denver Post by its hedge fund owner Alden Global Capital, a lot of local and national discussion has focused on finding a new local owner who would invest in the newspaper. There has been little analysis of the systemic problems surrounding corporate media and what non-profit alternatives might be preferable.

We host a discussion on the systemic problems plaguing current for-profit media with John  Nichols, correspondent with the Nation magazine, who has co-authored and authored several books on this topic including, The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media and The Death and Life of American Journalism: the Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again, and Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Executive Director of The Media Consortium.

On Tuesday May 22nd’s Metro, host Cal Huss  spoke with Denver post journalist Joe Rubino about the ownership of The Denver Post, recent staff departures due to censorship, and where print media may be headed.

Listen to Cal Huss and Joe Rubino here: