Hemispheres: Perspectives on Islam

What does it mean to be an Islamic American these days? And how do youth form a healthy identity?  What role does gender play in Islam? on radicalism? A soccer player, a Catholic researcher in Pakistan, and a Muslim relief worker discuss perspectives on Islam.

Join host, Nikki Kayser was we hear excerpts from a panel April 9th at the Conference On World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado.  They bring varying points of view and help shed some light on our relationship with the subject of Islam here in the States.

Guests are Ismail Elfath of Casablanca, Morocco.  At the age of 18, he came to the States and now hosts interfaith dialogues and community outreach programs in Austin, Texas.

Malou Innocent guides research and U.S. security policy with the Middle East, Persian Gulf States and Afghanistan.  You might want to check out her book, “Perilous Partners:The Benefits and Pitfalls of America’s Alliances with Authoritarian Regimes”.

Christine Tobias-Nahi speaks for Islamic Relief USA.