Boulder’s Photographic Time Capsule: Every Picture Tells A Story

Featured Image: Hass Hassan/ICONS

What makes an icon? Trudi Horowitz and Susan Knickle wanted to explore that concept and worked with National Geographic photographer Cory Richards to photograph a cross section of Boulder County icons. The result is Icon, a photography exhibition which opened last October and is currently on display at the City Club in Boulder..

Connected to the photographs, Paul Cure hosts a conversation at the Dairy Arts Center with four of the icons featured in the exhibit. Every Picture Tells a Story, is the first in a series of conversations with some of the icons. Starting with creators, then hosts, visionaries, and finally pillars, these genres are able to tell stories about the evolving nature of our town.

“This is really our time capsule of Boulder at the moment.”

Cure says this exhibit is a, “time capsule of Boulder at the moment.” And makes us think through, “how we represent Boulder to the larger world,” Cure notes.

In all, artist Cory Richards photographed 135 people for the photography exhibit, some familiar to our KGNU listeners, like John Lehndorff host of Radio Nibbles. From Boulder artists to business people, to former legislators and a contortionist, these photographs are meant to create a, “campfire discussion.”

Tonight’s first conversation, in the Grace Gamm Theater, is between Todd Reed, Rebecca DiDomenico, Caroline Douglas and Otis Taylor.


Location: Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Every Picture Tells A Story: Creators, Hosts, Visionaries, Pillars. (Todd Reed)

Time: 6:30 PM

Date: May 21, 2018