Zazu Dreams

This Saturday and Sunday,  the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder will play host to a multi media, musical and cultural performance, Zazu Dreams: A Declaration of Interdependence, A Love Story.

The performances will have visuals, live Persian and Ladino music as well as calls to action from local environmental and cultural organizations. Sunday’s event will feature a pre-performance Persian dinner

It’s based on the book by Cara Judea Alhadeff: Zazu Dreams: Between the Scarab and the Dung Beetle, A Cautionary Fable for the Anthropocene Era which looks at the relationship between the cultural extinction of ethnic minorities and ecological extinction and how we address humanitarian concerns in the context of environmental crises. The main character is Arab Jewish and his cross cultural identity is used as a way to enter into a dialogue around vulnerability and being different and what that means around environmental issues.



Zazu Dreams: A Declaration of Interdependence, A Love Story happens at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder on April 28th & 29th from 7:00 – 8.30pm.