Senate Secretary Kagan Complaint

The Colorado State Patrol has confirmed that a recording with the Senate Secretary about a Democrat senator using the women’s restroom is real. As Bente Birkeland reports, it casts doubt about Daniel Kagan’s story.


Republican Senator Beth Martinez Humenik filed a complaint against Kagan, alleging he used, and on multiple occasions, an unmarked restroom designated for female legislators. He says it only happened once. The Senate’s non-partisan administrative head Effie Ameen called the CSP on February 23rd.

“We have a person who works here, a male who has been frequently accessing the bathroom and so awkward and that’s why I want to change the code because I know the code we have on there is sort of our generic one that we use like for everything.”

The audio surfaced on Compass Colorado, a right-leaning website. In it, Ameen says she was aware of problems last year. She did not however change the locks or put up a women’s sign until recently after the complaint was filed. Democrats also say she did not discuss the issue with them. It’s not yet known when the complaint will be investigated.