Root Routledge Seeking Democratic Nomination for Colorado Congressional District 3

Root Routledge is one of the four candidates for U.S. Congress, District 3 — Diane Mitsch-Bush, Karl Hanlon, Arn Menconi, seeking the Democratic nomination in the Colorado Congressional District 3, to challenge incumbent Scott Tipton (R) in the November election.

Routledge is part of a wave of progressive candidates coming up through the Democratic party in Colorado, many challenging establishment candidates. He was a Democratic National Delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016, and Sanders is his inspiration as he seeks elected office.

“Well I came into this when Bernie Sanders ran for President. I had to switch to Democrat in order to support Bernie in that primary, in 2016, which I did, and I got elected to county and state and all the way to national. So I was a national delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016, went to Philadelphia. And then Bernie encouraged people to stay in and run for something and stay engaged, so that’s what I did.”



Routledge is running on a progressive platform:


  • Building a New Democratic Party — Assertively progressive, transparent, open, fair, inclusive and inviting—a Party for the Future
  • Grassroots Campaign — No corporate or PAC money; individual contributions only—every little bit helps, please help with what you can
  • Patriotic Vision — Integrity with a focus on the needs and well-being of ordinary Americans; and the common good for our country
  • Strategic PrioritiesGateway issues first for a viable American future; then We The People will have the chance to take care of the rest
    • Healthy DemocracyEqual citizen participation: Make “one-person—one-vote” mean something and count
    • Healthy PopulationMedicare for All: Comprehensive health care is a right; not a privilege!
    • Healthy EnvironmentFee and Dividend on Carbon: Shift the economy in favor of carbon-independent engery choices
    • Healthy EconomyMust work for everyone: Public investment in our future funded by a public bank—education, jobs & a livable wage
  • Protect the Colorado we Love — Public lands, clean environment, water conservation, rural needs, strong local economy, fund fire fighters.

At the recent Democratic Party State Wide Assembly (April 14th) Routledge did not meet the required 30% threshold of delegate votes to make it on the June primary ballot.