Resistance Radio: Kathy Kelly – Time is not on Yemen’s Side

Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, has been trying to enter Yemen to observe the humanitarian crisis unfolding there as a result of the US supported Saudi bombing of the country.

“Medea Benjamin and I have petitioned for permission to be on the one flight that goes into Yemen, since April of last year and we’ve had no success. The Saudis vet every passenger on that one plane. It’s a plane that’s organized by the United Nations, the World Food Program, the plane is vital, it’s needed, I mean only one flight goes in for a country of 22 million people – it’s bringing humanitarian relief and crucial aid workers. But quite often in the past, before the Saudis became involved in Yemen’s civil war, journalists could hop onto that plane and sometimes human rights activists, but the Saudis assure the United Nations that if they take anybody on that plane that’s not a bona fide UN worker, or somebody who has a registered job with a group that’s been in place for a long time inside of Yemen, the Saudis when that plane lands will deny fuel so that the plane can’t return.”

Kelly will talk about Saudi involvement in Yemen and the consequences of U.S. exceptionalism and militarism in two particular war zones: Yemen and Afghanistan, asking how the U.S. entered into and prolongs these wars and how the U.S. could change course, at an event at CU Boulder on Monday April 16th.

Kathy Kelly will speak on April 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm9:00 pm at Duane Physics, 2000 Colorado Ave, Room G130, CU Boulder.