Resistance Radio: Bridging the Political Divide

The divide between Americans on different ends of the political spectrum continues to grow. Caroline Fry of Colorado Common Cause says that Americans increasingly live in echo chambers that reinforce their views, while simultaneously avoiding those with different political beliefs.

“Especially  now that many folks just rely on social media to get their news. You are only listening to the voices that reinforce what you already believe and know to be true.”



Colorado Common Cause is partnering with The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) in hosting a conversation on bridging the political divide this week in Denver.

Keiva Hummel from NCDD will speak about best practices for talking about emotionally-heated policy topics, in order to find common ground.

The event i presentation (starting at 5:30) followed by a workshop and discussion. Light refreshments will be served and drinks are available for purchase.

Bridging the Political Divide happens at the Irish Snug in Denver on Thursday April 5th, starting at 5.30pm with .
More information and RSVP here.