A Sense of Wonder: The Life and Work of Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson. A Sense of Wonder is a one woman play by Kaiulani Lee, about Rachel Carson who is credited with launching the modern environmental movement. Lee wrote the play almost 30 years ago and has performed it around the world, It will be performed on Thursday April 19th at the Boulder Public library downtown branch at 7pm.



“It’s a memory play, the first act is a lot about her past, as she’s packing up her house for the last time, she knows she won’t make it through the year, but the audience doesn’t know that until the end of the play, but they can feel a tension.

Act two has Carson back in Washington where she spends the winter, testifying before Congress and giving speeches about the need to protect the environment. Lee says she purposefully presented Carson as a person in the first act to engage the audience on a personal level so that they know that anyone can become a protector of the environment.

“By introducing her as a person whose great love of the natural world (with) the courage to stand up against our government and every chemical company in this country as a single woman.”