OutSources: The Queer Female Artist Gaze: Photographs, Paintings and Memories

Outsources host Karen Raforth talks with female visual artists who present different perspectives from the female gaze.

Barbara Rudlaff, artist and instructor, discusses her CSU MFA Thesis and painting exhibit. Barbara highlights the continued invisibility of women and particularly lesbians in the art we are exposed to. Using only black and white paints and a variety of interesting techniques, Barbara draws from her own childhood photographs to trace the themes of her own development as a lesbian and a feminist. The MFA 2018 exhibition will be on display at Colorado State University at the Allicar Gallery (corner of Remington and Lake near College Avenue) from 4/27/18-5/18/18 with an evening reception on 4/27. Barbara is Chair of the City of Lafayette’s Public Art Committee and teaches ‘Nudes and Tudes’ for OutBoulder County’s Boulder office. She might be found at her art booth at Lafayette’s Art Night Out on every second Friday night from May through September.

Photographer Timothy “Timmy” EverLes (bisexual, cis-woman) discusses her exhibit taken during her studies in China. Timmy employs contrasts and chance juxtapositions to make photographs which explore historical and contemporary China. Observing and Understanding China is a series of digital photographs documenting a study abroad trip in 2006 from Hong Kong to Beijing, from small poverty stricken farming villages to executive business offices and much more. While observing and appreciating many cultural differences, Timmy also noticed many economical shifts occurring in the country. Her photographs reflect these observations and understandings made about the country during a time of immense development.  Timmy is currently pursuing a master’s in counseling at Regis University. Timmy founded Denver Queer Artist Collective which can be found on Facebook.  She can be contacted at tmecreations@gmail.com

Out Boulder County Board member, Brenna Penrod, is making sure the rotating queer artist exhibit at Out Boulder County’s Longmont office is a regular event.  The current photography exhibit will be on display through April at 630 Main in Longmont. To contact Brenna for information about exhibiting in Longmont: brenna@outboulder.org


For information about Out Boulder County events and exhibits or Barbara’s Nudes with ‘Tudes class go to www.outboulder.org