Feeding Your Demons – Interface Presentation

Feeding your Demons is a ancient teaching and practice that invites people to acknowledge and nurture rather than avoid and resist, parts of ourselves that we find threatening or problematic.

Charlotte Rotterdam, of Naropa University, teaches the practice which she says has its origins in ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

“The view is that rather than fighting or denying or trying to obliterate our demons or that which is difficult in our lives, externally or internally, we actually turn towards it, and we turn towards it with awareness and compassion and actually nurturance, so we feed that which would seemingly destroy us, which is quite counter-intuitive. But the view here is that those parts of ourselves,   again internal or outside, that we might consider our demons, are actually aspects that aren’t getting what they truly need, so in being met and being acknowledged  and met with generosity and compassion, and being fed metaphorically what they truly need, that same energy that we experience as a demon, turns into strength and insight and wisdom in ourselves.”



Charlotte Rotterdam will speak on Feeding your Demons: Igniting Compassion in the Face of Fear as part of the monthly Interface presentation at Naropa’s north Boulder campus on Friday March 16th at 7.30am.