Resistance Radio: Pushing Back on Forced Arbitration Clauses

Last year’s legislative session kicked off with a wave of bills that undermine the public’s access to the courts and according to an expert at Public Citizen, the trend is likely to continue during the upcoming second session of the 115th congress.

Remington Gregg, the advocacy group’s counsel for civil justice and consumer rights submitted testimony to a senate panel about the impact of lawsuit abuse in November detailing the organization’s concerns.



A majority of the legislative proposals cited in the critique were approved by the full congress just six weeks after being introduced. Among them was HR 725, introduced by Colorado Representative Ken Buck on January 30 and voted on March 9th. Gregg described the pace with which some of these bills moved as incredibly fast to KGNU’s Robin Ryan.

Gregg said connections between campaign donors and legislative action isn’t coincidental. The Center for Responsive Politics’ website OpenSecrets, lists the Club for Growth as an affiliate of a Super PAC that’s already spent more than 3 million on the 2018 election cycle as well as Buck’s second largest campaign contributor over the course of his political career.

“We know that there is very much a correlation between the people who contribute to your campaigns and the things that you push in office.” He said.

Read the full statement submitted to the senate panel by Public Citizen here.