OutSources 2017 – Making change and building community: The flip-side of a terrible year

On January 1, Outsources Collective members shared our thoughts about the year past and the year ahead. Much of what we talked about – particularly what we talked about in detail – had to do with the difficulties we have faced as a community in the past year: progress blocked, gains lost, and fears for the future. In that program, we also mentioned, if only briefly, the importance of keeping an eye on the positive things that have been happening: the resilience and creativity and community building that are on-going in our community, and that were, if anything, inspired and enlivened by the difficult political atmosphere. This show focuses on the good stuff.

We begin with a bunch of good news from around the country. Then, hosts Janis Bohan and Glenda Russell talk with Taylor Stein, a Program Specialist at OASOS, a program for LGBTQAI+ youth, and Lili Stevens, a sophomore at Boulder High and a participant in OASOS. We discuss OASOS and  an exciting program that has grown from OASOS roots, Youth Advocating for Change. This is a positive story about resilience and community building, a reminder that exciting, positive things are happening, even in the midst of the more heavily covered negative things.


Links mentioned in the show: