Hemispheres: Technology Connecting Island Nations

How is technology helping connect island nations? We’ll hear of drones spotting species in the mangroves of the Caribbean and community radio connecting the issues of women in the Pacific for human peace and security. Hemispheres host Nikki Kayser caught up with two interesting folks visiting Colorado recently, both improving their island communities. We’ll go to the Bahamas, but first Fiji. Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, director of FemLink Pacific has a model for sustainable grassroots activism for social justice. It includes a community media outlet that covers peace issues by and for women in rural and urban areas.

For a deeper look into the use of community radio to address peace and violence issues in the islands of FIJI, you can hear their podcast at FemLinkPacific.org.FJ.


We also touch down in the Bahamas for a quick peek at the world of sting rays in the coastal ecology of Eleuthera in the archipelago, with Dr. Owen O’Shea of the Centre for Ocean Research and Education.