Resistance Radio: True News Here

Howard Rubin says that he became aware of how news and information is being presented to the public after listening to an interview on NPR about voter fraud. “(They) had a show on where they were talking about voters, voter supression and issues like that, and they gave this Republican senator from North Carolina the last word which was that voter fraud was a real problem. And I’ve been following the news for a while and I just know that’s wrong and I could not believe that a public radio station would let that be the last word on the thing.”

Rubin said he contacted the station and NPR but nobody listened to his complaints. “I just decided there was a real need for somebody to call out the media among other things.”



Howard Rubin and Michael Matanky were then inspired to create a new website True News Here, that they launched about 6 months ago.

“I think there is a problem in this country with people hearing information and simply taking it as the truth. We wanted to create a website where people could go and see real information. I know there’s a lot of this fake news going on, and it’s really a dangerous thing, so the website is simply a forum for people to make comments, to read information that we have vetted as true.”

Matanky and Rubin say that right now the website is a news aggregator from other news sites, but they hope it will evolve further, “we want to invite people to make comments, we want to invite people to create articles.”