North Pole Poet Laureate

Amy Marschak is the Improv Poet that you may have seen on the Pearl Street mall or in Larimer Square in Denver.  People give her a theme and she composes and performs a poem on the spot.

“What I found as a written poet, that a lot of my poems came in one chunk, and I would just run to write them down. So I decided, let me see what it would be like just to do some improv poetry.” Marschak has a background in theater and performance so improv poetry proved to be a good fit. “I found that it had more vibrancy to it, sometimes more life.”


Marschak has also recently been named the official announced as the North Pole Poet Laureate.

“Well Santa wanted more poems this season and ain general, so he decided to select a poet laureate, which is his official poet pick, and I’m so excited after visiting with him and Mrs. Clause and all the elves, that he selected me.”  Her job is to spread more poetic cheer throughout the holiday season “anything that really makes people happy and has that holiday spirit.”




For more information about Amy Marschak, North Pole Poet Laureate, or to schedule an interview 1-800-810-8802 or

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