No Felony Charges for Lawmaker Who Brought Loaded Gun to DIA

A Republican state lawmaker who was arrested for bringing a gun to Denver International Airport will not be criminally prosecuted. As our statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland reports, the Boulder District Attorney’s office says Thursday that there’s not enough evidence for a criminal case.

A TSA agent found the loaded 9 millimeter handgun when Representative Lori Saine’s bag was being screened at a security checkpoint. The case was passed to Boulder because Denver’s District Attorney Beth McCann worked with Saine when they were both state lawmakers. The Boulder DA’s office says that Saine forgot the firearm was in her purse at DIA and quote no criminal case against Ms. Saine can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

After security agents found the firearm, Saine was sent to jail overnight.  The Denver Police department confirms it had 106 similar incidents in the last year. This was the second arrest. It is a felony.