Tech Talks: Cyber Security

Today, it seems like there are so many new stories on hacking and leaked files. As a society we have become more and more dependent on technology and its tools. We tend to forget about the security and safety while utilizing technology. Cyber Security is an important part of technology, and students like Connor Hansen are noticing the importance of Cyber Security. We did an interview with Connor about his project, Silvercreek Cyber Core, and what inspired him to start this.  Here is what we found and what he had to say.

Securing your personal information is as easy as putting in a 4 digit password on your phone or keying different phrases for your accounts. The growing technological age is no longer secure under a simple lock and key so we should all take extra precautions in securing all of our information.


Host: Kim Fung, Senior at Silver Creek HS, with guest  Connor Henson, Senior at Silver Creek HS

Tech Talks is produced by students at The Innovation Center in the St. Vrain Valley School District.