What makes an icon? Trudi Horowitz and Susan Knickle wanted to explore that concept and worked with National Geographic photographer Cory Richards to photograph a cross section of Boulder County icons.  The result is Icon, a photography exhibition which opened in October.

Richards photographed a wide selection of people, young and old, from artists to business people to former legislators and a contortionist. Horowitz and Knickle told KGNU’s Ginger Perry that they originally started with 50 icons, then that grew to 135 people and the current exhibit is 75.

“We started with 50 people and it just started to grow and took itself along, and it’s 3 times what we thought it would be.”

Hass Hassan, one of the founders of Alfalfa’s “I was really honored to be included with that crowd of people that were there, a real cast of Boulder’s characters over the last 50 years or so.”



The portraits are  on display at the gallery at 2440 and 2490 Junction Place, just east of the Steel Yards in Boulder until December 31st, 2017.