Boulder Ballot Issue 2 Q

Voters in Boulder are deciding on several ballot measures this November including 2 Q which asks voters to approve a charter amendment on City Charter Updates.

Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones says the measure is an attempt to clear up a confusing process. “The whole process is pretty confusing to people who want to run ballot initiatives. I think the sugary beverage tax process was rather muddy. I don’t think there were huge issues but there were what we’re calling clean up issues with the intent to make things clear.”

Former Boulder City Council member Steve Pomerance wrote an op-ed in the Daily Camera recently opposing 2 Q. He says the current system works fine and the new system would put a lot of discretion into the hands of the City Manager, in terms of the time frame that citizens need to work in to get measures on the ballot. “If the City Manager to reject the time up you could be starting in November to get on the next (year’s) ballot.”