Special Session Ends

Colorado’s special legislative session ended Tuesday with no legislation passing – and as Bente Birkeland reports, it means more work for lawmakers when they return for their regular session…


Republican leaders defeated a bill that would have fixed a legislative error passed by Republicans and Democrats last session. The expansive bill helped shore up rural hospitals – but inadvertently prevented a small percentage of recreational pot taxes from going to museums, performing arts centers and several transit authorities. Democratic House Majority Leader KC Becker of Boulder says reinstating that money should have been simple.

“All along I just have thought that this is really straightforward, let’s get in and do our job.”

Legal case law says that as long as the increased money is below the state’s spending limit lawmakers can reinstate it. Other attorneys disagree and many Republicans felt it was a tax policy change that required voters in these special districts to approve the tax again. The loss of the recreational pot money won’t lead to immediate cuts but RTD is losing about 500 thousand dollars each month. It’ll now be up to lawmakers to try and tackle the issue when they come back in January.