Near Death Experiences

For the last 40 years, Interface Boulder has brought inspiring speakers – those who explore the interface of spirituality – to helping professions – doctors, teachers, community leaders and others.

This Boulder institution features speakers on the 3rd Friday of every month and the October presentation will be on the impact of Near Death Experiences. The speaker is Robert Caplan who had such an experience as a 20 year old young man, as a plane captain on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal when he was sucked into an engine intake, and suffered catastrophic injuries. His presentation will be: 60 Years After My Near Death Experience (NDE): Metaphors and Paradigms.



Robert Caplan’s Interface presentation happens Friday October 20th at the Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology, Paramita Campus Dana Room, 3285 30th St, Boulder.

7:15am: Check-in, Coffee/tea
7:30-9:40am: Featured Program/Discussion