Governor Reaction to Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has reached out to Nevada’s governor to offer help following the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Bente  Birkeland has more from the state capitoll.


Hickenlooper says he texted with Governor Brian Sandoval to see what advice he could share. Hickenlooper was governor in 2012, during the Aurora Theater shooting where 12 people died and 70 more were injured. With 58 dead and around 400 people injured, the Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest in modern history.

It’s hard to imagine the scale of the devastation that took place there. – It is sobering beyond belief.”

The shooting has already prompted calls for tougher gun control by some in Washington. But Hickenlooper, a Democrat, says now isn’t the time for those discussions. He says he wants to hear more facts from an ongoing investigation into the shooting