Resistance Radio: Colorado Resistance

Colorado Resistance is a new organization that has its sights set on a  full progressive takeover of Colorado’s state legislature in 2018.

State Senator Steve Fenberg, a Democrat from Boulder and a volunteer with Colorado Resistance, says the goal is to channel the grassroots energy that has been visible since the 2016 elections, into securing landslide progressive victories in state-level elections.

“The idea of Colorado Resistance is really to make sure people that are so engaged right now, so mobilized, making sure that they’re using their time, their energy, their resources effectively to create change in their own communities. And for us, what we think the most important thing someone could do right now, is yes, engage in federal level stuff, fight back against the Trump administration when they do something that is against their values, but also, more importantly to work on a state level, work on electing progressive people and working on behalf of progressive issues at the state capitol, because those are in many ways where the front line fights are occurring these days.”

This effort is based on the premise that one of the most effective ways to resist Donald Trump’s agenda is by electing as many progressives as possible to state & local office. The group is targeting 20 races around the state, from the Gubernatorial race to several House and Senate Districts.



Colorado Resistance will hold its launch party at the Rayback Collective in Boulder on Sunday September 24th from 3-6pm. They offer a free handbook, The Colorado Resistance Manual, a simple, step-by-step guide to helping progressives win landslide political victories in 2018.