OutSources: Humor Me: Trans Women and Stand-Up Comedy

Host Angela Palermo speaks with Jaye McBride, an out and proud trans woman and a stand-up comedian. She has performed at comedy clubs and college campuses across the country. Having transitioned in 2007, Jaye is uniquely qualified to talk about awkward first dates, strained family relationships and self-acceptance.

Make no mistake though, Jaye McBride is not a gimmick or one-trick pony. In the words of comedy superstar Aziz Ansari “I can see a career for her for sure. She’s gifted.”

During the conversation, Jaye discusses what it’s like for trans women to do stand up, challenging transmisogyny on stage, her TedX talk, the receptivity of audiences to her act and where she hopes to take her comedy career in the future.

Jaye and Angela have a great time trading jokes and poking fun at life as trans women.


Jaye’s TedX talk: