Nancy Pelosi speaks in Colorado on Women in Politics

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi was in Colorado on Wednesday speaking about the importance of getting more women to run for political office. Bente Birkeland has more.


Nancy PelosiPelosi is a mother of five and the first female speaker of the House. During her stop in Denver she says reducing the influence of money in politics and making it less nasty would attract more women to run for office. She also says too many women underestimate their strengths and are needed to win now more than ever.

“Some of the young women in our midst really do not have the confidence that they should have to take on responsibilities. They know they have the talent, they know they have the spirit but somehow or other they are not getting enough encouragement.

Pelsoi was joined by state leaders and was with the group Emerge. It’s working to bring new women into politics and help them campaign. The group is working with 51 Democratic women candidates in Colorado over the next three years. I’m BB at the state capitol.