Hickenlooper’s Future Career

National media are reporting of a possible unity party ticked in 2020 with Governor John Hickenlooper and Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio. Hickenlooper would run for V.P. But as Bente Birkeland reports Hickenlooper isn’t ready to make any pledges.

Hickenlooper was in Telluride to discuss rural economic vitality and told member station KOTO that he’s not ready to commit. He’s term limited next year.

“The moment I start talking about well, what am I going to do am I going to run for Senate or President or something in 2020. The minute I talk about that and form a PAC than not only am I distracted but all the people that work with me become distracted.”

He says he wants to know he gave the Governor’s office all he had. Meanwhile he and Kasich continue to work together on policy issues such as health care and immigration. Locally Hickenlooper says expanding broadband will be a major focus for his final legislative session.