Sensi: Public Consumption of Pot in Denver

Leland Rucker, senior editor at Sensi Magazine takes a look at efforts in Denver to create spaces where people can consume cannabis in public.

Denver voters approved measure 300 in the 2016 elections which paves the way to create clubs where cannabis can be legally consumed.  Last Friday Denver city licensing officials announced the final rules for a pilot program that would permit social consumption areas on an annual basis or for special events.

Rucker says the city will begin to accept applications in the coming weeks, but he cautions, the rules are strict.

“Applicants must obtain backing from a registered neighborhood organization, a business improvement district’s board or other area group, and that gives these groups the power to set the operating conditions – 21 or older, areas indoors or outdoors, where customers can consume their own cannabis (indoor areas are going to have to follow the state rules for the smoking ban.) The original initiative, initiative 300 set some restrictions for business and what they’re doing now is clarifying a lot of those things and adding a lot of detailed rules. I think drawing from regulations on marijuana and liquor businesses in the past and it’s focusing on operating restrictions, location restrictions etc.”