Capitol Coverage: State Health Care Exchange Audit

Colorado’s state health care exchange has brought down costs, improved its website and reduced wait times, according to an audit released Tuesday. Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.

Connect for Health Colorado operates independently of state government and is how individuals can shop for health insurance plans under the affordable care act. The audit says the exchange is financially sustainable, and less than a third of customers have trouble navigating the website, that’s compared to about half of customers a few years ago. But CEO Kevin Patterson says there are still customer complaints.

“Price, that was one of the top. The other one in the top was the plan I had available wasn’t there for me this next year because we’ve had a lot of shifting in the industry.”

The audit did reveal that the exchange doesn’t manage and track the complaint process well, nor is it especially easy for the public to file an appeal and have it resolved quickly. Patterson says those issues will be addressed in the coming months. Nearly 180,000 Coloradans receive health insurance through the exchange. I’m BB at the state capitol.