Capitol Coverage: Local Reactions Trump Ban on Transgender People in Military

LGBTQ groups in Colorado are expressing outrage over President Trump’s ban on transgender people from serving in the military in any capacity. Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.


Details of how the president’s ban would be implemented are not yet clear. But Daniel Ramos calls it a shocking attack on transgender Americans. Ramos is the executive director of One Colorado. The group advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans…

“When transgender people want to willingly serve our country and are told that regardless off their qualifies that they don’t belong in the military is a strong message.”

Ramos doesn’t know how many transgender Coloradans serve but says there are currently 15 thousand active transgender people in the military nationwide. The President made his announcement on Twitter.  I’m BB at the state capitol.