Outsources: Allies series: Indigenous / First Nations people and their allies

In response to the threats raised during the the 2016 campaign and election against various marginalized groups such as immigrants, women, people of color, and religious minorities, hosts Glenda Russell and Janis Bohan are producing a series of programs focused on how to be an effective ally to marginalized groups. For this series, we are interviewing pairs of people: a member of a marginalized group and an ally to members of that group.

This evening, we consider people who identify as indigenous or First Nations and their allies. For this discussion, we are joined by Josie Valedez Fraire and Ayla Sullivan. We discuss what allyship means, the difference between calling oneself an ally and being an “accomplice,” and what difference that distinction makes. We also explore questions such as what do people who are marginalized want allies/accomplices to do – and also what they do not want allies to do.

Listen in for some mind-expanding discussion with these thoughtful guests.