Capitol Coverage: Polis joins list of Dems vying for Governor nomination

The list of Democrats wanting to be Colorado’s next governor is growing. Democratic Congressman Jared Polis of Boulder says he’ll run against his colleague Congressman Ed Perlmutter along with other high profile opponents. Bente Birkeland has more.

Polis is the latest wanting to replace Governor John Hickenlooper, who is term limited. Former state treasurer Kery Kenndy, former state senator Mike Johnston and businessman Noel Ginsberg are also in the race. Colorado State University political science professor Kyle Saunders says he’s surprised Polis is running…

“This is a lot of talent to put into one race, there’s going to be some money spent here that doesn’t necessarily need to be spent competing among Democrats. Usually the party would have cleared the field for one of these really strong candidates.”

Saunders thinks at this point, Congressmen Ed Perlmutter and Polis are the likely frontrunners. Polis represents the 2nd congressional district which includes Fort Collins, Boulder and parts of the west slope such as Eagle and Summit counties.