PoCo in BoCo: Racist Incidents in Boulder County

Tracey Jones and Nikhil Mankekar are co-hosts of our monthly series looking at issues facing People of Color in Boulder County (PoCo in BoCo). Today they look at racist incidents in Boulder County including the letter that was recently sent to a family in Longmont, and what it means for the physical and emotional safety of People of Color in Boulder County.

The letter read: “You and your family should not be in this white neighborhood. You and your brown boys are not welcome. Go back where you came from. Your (sic) in Trump’s country now. #MAGA.”

Today’s guests include Marissa Hallo Tafura with Boulder SURJ (Standing Up For Racial Justice) who has worked with the Longmont family that received the letter, and Aliika Jones (Tracey’s daughter) who shares her experience of being African American growing up in Boulder County and two recent assaults that she suffered in Fort Collins.