THRIVE 2017 – Asset Building in Low Income Communities

The 2nd annual THRIVE Conference happens Saturday April 8th, from 8.30am to 3pm at Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Longmont. Eliberto Mendoza, the Director of Community Action Programs in Boulder County says It’s aimed at helping low income people to build assets.

“The THRIVE conference really came out of an idea where we wanted to help people to find ways to build their assets. When we talk about assets for the most part we’re talking about things like saving money, buying a home, going to school, starting a business.”  Mendoza says that due to the growth in the baby boomer population in Boulder County there is also a component aimed at seniors who need to preserve assets, e.g. how to navigate the Medicaid system so that you don’t lose your assets like your home due to medical bills.

Mendoza says that helping low-income families build assets is a benefit to the entire community “because then they become drivers of our local economy as they build their business as they build their equity in their homes, as they grow their families, that is really important for our community.”

The conference’s main topics are Business, Education and Career Exploration, Money Skills, Homeownership, and Older Adults. Workshops and panels will be presented in English and Spanish. During the second workshop attendees will be invited to create Make It Happen individual plans to translate learning into action.

The event is bilingual and there is no charge to attend, however registration is required. You can register here up until noon on Wednesday April 5th.