Outsources: Oak Chezar, one of the founders, producers, and stars of “King Con”

Many people in Colorado’s progressive communities (especially in the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins area) will remember Vox Feminista, a groups of performers who find creative – and sometimes provocative – ways to foster conversation about issues of social justice.

Long champions of progressive causes, vociferous advocates of feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, economic equality, and the power of people power, Vox had “retired” in the early 2010s after many years of performing for local audiences. But they were called back to the stage by recent political events, and their new show, “King Con: Strike and Resist!” is the result. In their own words, “Vox Feminista is here to ladle out defiant joy in dedication to collective well-being.  We’re agents of Snapping-People-out-Of-It, here to celebrate the power-to-protect that’s rising up in America. We bring you this new show as a social service from a tribe of public dreamers.”

Outsources host Janis Bohan and frequent contributor Glenda Russell talked with Oak Chezar, one of the founders, producers, and stars of “King Con” and previous Vox shows. Listen in to the conversation, and learn more about resistance, resilience, and Vox Feminista.


Other Vox members include Mona Estrada, Levi Arithson, and Andryn Arithson. To learn more about Vox and this show, visit  https://www.facebook.com/voxfeminista or their event page.

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