Capitol Coverage: Oil and Gas Bills Fail

A pair of oil and gas related bills failed in both the House and Senate Wednesday. Bente Birkeland has more.


Democrats in the House killed a Republican bill that would have increased penalties for tampering with or interfering with oil and gas equipment. Sponsor Republican Representative Jon Becker of Fort Morgan said it would have improved safety…

“We’re dealing with something that could kill people. We’re shutting down high pressure lines shutting valve or tampering with something at that gathering gate that could could create true harm.” says Becker.

But opponents argued it was unnecessary because there are laws already on the books. A seperate bill that would have required new drilling operations be farther away from schools was also defeated.

Here’s sponsor Democrat Mike Foote of Lafayette: “These facilities are very dangerous which is why I think it makes sense to not put them so close to schools.”

A GOP senate committee defeated the measure saying safeguards are already in place and the setback distance from school properties is adequate.