Senator Cory Gardner Telephone Town hall Meeting – March 8th

Senator Cory Gardner hosted a telephone town hall meeting on Wednesday March 8th. It was marginally longer the previous one, lasting an hour.

Gardner answered questions on a variety of issues from constituents around the state on the phone and submitted on line. He was asked about everything From repealing the affordable care act and Republicans plans to replace it to investigations into Trump Administration connections to Russia.

The first question was whether Senator Gardner still supported the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, to which the Senator replied that he still supported the repeal.

Gardner also reiterated that he was pro life, when he was asked about defunding Planned Parenthood. He said that women won’t lose health care choices if planned parenthood is defunded as they can go to other federally funded clinics, however recent analysis of a selection of those federal funded clinics around the country show that some are in prisons, some are in schools and many are not accessible to the general public.