Radio Bookclub: Laura Pritchett and “The Blue Hour”

Colorado based Laura Pritchett speaks with The Boulder Bookstore‘s Arsen Kashkashian and KGNU’s Maeve Conran about her latest book The Blue Hour. This is Laura’s second visit to the bookclub, having joined us to talk about her previous book Red Lightning.


About The Blue Hour:

In Laura Pritchett’s new novel, The Blue Hour, readers are introduced to the tight-knit residents of Blue Moon Mountain, nestled high in the Colorado Mountains. These neighbors form an interconnected community of those living off the land, drawn by the beauty and isolation all around them. So when, at the onset of winter, the beloved town veterinarian commits a violent act, the repercussions of that tragedy are felt all across the mountainside, upending their lives and causing their paths to twist and collide in unexpected ways.

Arsen Kashkashian:

In this deeply emotional and sensual novel, Pritchett reminds us that even in dark moments there are sparks of joy and renewal. Each character gets their own chapter, and together their stories form a tapestry of a community blessed with love and humanity. Pritchett’s book will let you forget the turmoil in the world around us, and luxuriate in what it means to be simply and beautifully human.

Afterhours at the Bookclub: More web-only conversation with Laura Pritchett:


KGNU is partners with the Boulder Bookstore for our radio book club. Every month Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore, will select a book to inspire the KGNU listening audience to read along together. We will then be joined live in studio by the author for a discussion about the book. Arsen Kashkashian says participating in a bookclub is a great dynamic way for readers to enjoy a book.

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