Capitol Coverage: Victims Getting Out of Leases

A proposal to make it easier for victims of stalking and sexual violence to break their leases is making its way through the statehouse. As Bente Birkeland reports, it would expand an existing law.

Colorado already lets victims of domestic violence get out of their leases – no matter how much time is left. Republican Senator John Cooke of Greeley is one of the main sponsors of a bi-partisan bill, that would extend that law to include victims of stalking and unlawful sexual behavior.

“It allows them to get out of that situation where the stalker can’t follow them any more. You know, a lot of sexual assault victims are victims of people they know, relatives, friends, and so in order to get out of that situation they want to be able to move.  The landlord is not allowed to release their new address.”

The measure does require someone to file a police report within two months of the incident, or show a restraining order, or medical records to a landlord. They would also have to pay up to one month’s rent. I’m BB at the state capitol.