TechTalks: Tech at the Inauguration- Getting Involved

Last week, we discussed how politician’s presence on Twitter had possibly affected the inauguration. To conclude our series, we will be talking about getting politically involved and informed. Young people, more often than not, are less involved in politics than the later generations. The problem with this is that young people are the future of the nation and often don’t try to get their opinion across. We talk about how social media can be a tool for communicating and learning and how to get more involved with politics through it. As young people, we want to see more of us getting into the loop and working to stand up for our political views.

Listen in and hear the conclusion of our three part series on the inauguration. We urge you to become more involved in the political world so that you can help shape the world we live in.


Host: Megan Little, Sr. Niwot HS

Guests: Yesi Antunez, Skyline HS Sr., Steven Lamp, Skyline HS Sr., Lili Arredondo, Skyline HS Jr., Genesis Vasquez, Skyline HS Fr., Hannah Schineller, Skyline HS Sr.