Tech Talks: Twitter and the Inauguration

Part 2 of our series on the Inauguration:

Last week, the studios team covered some general topics about the election and how elections have changed over time. To relate with their change, this week we are focusing on Twitter. With the rise of social media, Twitter has become an important tool for politicians to speak with the public. Even so, this is the first election and inauguration where social media has been a powerful method of getting information out to the general public. Today we are looking at how the people responded on social media to the inauguration. How politicians and current president Donald Trump have used social media now and in the past.  

Listen in and hear what we had to say about twitter handles, hashtags, and movements within social media. Next week we will air the final part of our series featuring voices from the Inauguration.


Host: Megan Little, Sr. Niwot HS

Guests: Yesi Antunez, Skyline HS Sr., Steven Lamp, Skyline HS Sr., Lili Arredondo, Skyline HS Jr., Genesis Vasquez, Skyline HS Fr., Hannah Schineller, Skyline HS Sr.