Storytelling: At the Root of Being Human!

Professional storyteller Pam Faro says stories are at the heart of what connects us as humans.

“There’s a wonderful saying that nobody seems to know who originated it but a lot of storytellers say it and I have it on my guitar case, where it says ‘the shortest distance between two people is a story.’ Because it’s such a deeply human experience to share stories.”

Faro says that when we are living through politically divisive times, stories can be used as a tool to build bridges because we use stories to make meaning of the world around us.

“I think a really core thing is to seek and to create spaces that enable people to not only tell their stories and to feel listened to, but for people to be listeners of others stories as well.”

Faro will present a workshop on storytelling on Friday February 17th as part of the monthly Interface series in Boulder.

Faro’s storytelling workshop begins at 7.30am on Friday February 17th at Naropa’s Paramita Campus building at 3285 30th street in Boulder.