Resistance Radio: Songs of Resistance

Bill Wood is a Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at CU Boulder.  Before choosing a life in science, as a Caltech professor, Bill was a folk musician, who toured with Joan Baez. Recently, he has gotten back to his folk and protest roots, penning several songs inspired by recent political events – from the women’s march to the absence of Senator Cory Gardner at recent townhall meetings.

“I went to the women’s march in Denver which was very inspiring, but they didn’t have a good marching song, I thought,  so I tried to write a marching song.”

Bill says he is horrified by the current political situation and he hopes that his songs may inspire everyday people to take action.

“I would like to see things change…one of the lines in the marching song says we’re going to take the country back again and I hope we can do that.”

Bill’s song “Hey, Mr. Cory Gardner” has been used by Think Progress in a video on townhall meetings around the country.