OutSources – Immigrants and Allies: Showing Up

On Monday, Feb. 6, OutSources featured the second show in its series on allies and allyship. The series was conceived in the wake of the election as a means of calling attention to the many marginalized groups that have been targeted by the candidate, both before he was inaugurated and since then. Many people in the LGBTQ community are committed to resisting this divisive tone and the promised policy changes through intentional allyship and coalition-building. The series is offered in the spirit of providing clearer understanding of the experiences of marginalized groups and the role of allies in their struggles.

This show focuses on immigrants and their allies, a topic that has taken on particular salience in the past two weeks. OutSources contributors Glenda Russell and Janis Bohan talked with Marco Dorado, Program Coordinator for the University of Denver’s Latino Leadership Institute, and Erika Blum, Grassroots Fundraising Manager and Northern Area Support Person with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition.