Outsources: Colorado Senator Patrick “Pat” Steadman

Patrick “Pat” Steadman served nearly 8 years in the Colorado Senate as openly gay.  He started his political life working against the passage of Amendment Two. After its passage into the Colorado Constitution, he assisted in successfully fighting Amendment Two (which would have stripped all LGBT people of basic civil rights) all the way to the Supreme Court with Jean Dubofsky and others.

He led changes improving LGBT rights with civil  unions before marriage equality was law, modernized sexually transmitted infection law that criminalized people living with HIV, overhauled CHAP prevention grants, worked on aging, civil rights, and so many other issues. He wielded broad powers on the Joint Budget and Appropriations Committees for the entire Colorado budget and expenditures.

Pat received awards from Denver Regional Council of Governments, Anti- Defamation League, BCAP’s Local Legends award,  Colorado Trial Lawyers, the Harvey Milk Champion of Change from the White House— to name only a few during his tenure.  Just “termed out” of office, he continues his work as a private citizen and offers us perspective on what we can do.