Love and Relationships with the Elephant Talk Podcast

“We stepped away from the experts and towards lay-people, which is the everyday couple.”

Maeve Conran discusses relationships with Andy Horning, the host of a new podcast called Elephant Talk.  Andy explains how the superficiality of a relationship expert at a couples workshop contrasted with the very real and insightful conversations the couples in attendance were having. This led to the idea for Elephant Talk.

“This rich middle ground is really non-existent. What it’s like to be, you know, in a real love where you love your partner but you’re also frustrated at times and, in that domain, nobody’s talking.”

Elephant Talk is a new podcast that is taking a non-saccharine and unconventional look at love in the 21st century. The focus of the podcast is the discussion of love after the wedding vows when relationships become real and real work is needed to keep it going.


Elephant Talk will be hosting a launch party at eTown Hall, 1535 Spruce St., Boulder, on February 15th. Doors open at 6pm with an open bar and heavy appetizers. The program, “Welcome to the First Season of Elephant Talk,” will run from 6:30-9:30pm.